Say goodbye to the average work-study program! At The Muse, our hearts beat circus and our workstudy students are the backbone of our community. From being the face of our front desk, to transforming our studio into whatever fun event we happen to be hosting, this program promises to utilize the skills and interests of every individual, while giving opportunities to build and refine professional circus skills in our state-of-the-art studios in Brooklyn.

Our work-study program is a six-month commitment, consisting of two, 4.5 hour shifts each week. Duties while on shift include basic studio maintenance, greeting and signing in our guests, and setting up/striking classes.  All work-studies will have the opportunity to complete detailed complimentary training for the position, with workshops that include rigging and studio safety, hands on tutorials for using our client front desk check in program, CPR/First aid and more!

In exchange for hours worked on site, work-studies receive unlimited open workout training time and ground circus classes, options to "drop in" to any open aerial class using class credits, discounts on events and merchandise, free entry into professionally focused community workshops and more! This program is flexible enough to meet the needs of students, performers, dreamers with a day job, and anyone else with other commitments, while still being structured enough to give hands-on, professional experience in administration, performing arts, and the circus industry overall. Our work-study Program is designed to encourage the creative side of each individual while allowing them to explore new heights (literally!)

In addition, we have working professionals regularly training in our studio as well as host auditions for large scale productions, with casting agents passing through on a regular basis. The Muse Brooklyn is an incubator for those that are willing and eager to make themselves available for opportunities and experiences unique to our space. Even if your career goal is not to perform professionally, you will be given the opportunity to learn other skills such as lights & sound, event and stage management, and production. Personally, you will grow and develop simply by being a regular part of our family and community.  

No circus experience required! We're proud to have been a home to everyone from dancers to actors, scientists to engineers, and everything in between. If you love and support the arts, The Muse community is for you!

We are now accepting applications!
Apply by June 15, 2019 in order to be considered.

The program's acceptance will run from Sunday, July 7th, 2019 - Sunday, January 26th, 2020




Christa is a pro at providing the best customer service with a bright, happy presence. She's calm, cool and collected while making sure everything gets done, and always reserves some snuggle time for the muse pups. Christa never hesitates to jump in on the night shifts if we are ever short handed, we know we won't have to worry if Christa is on site! Christa is an unconditional ray of sunshine, kind, hardworking and totally dedicated to the muse community. We love you Christa!



Grace is a total pro at holding it down on some of the Muse's busiest nights. She's always professional, gives complete and accurate information and welcomes muse guests like family. She takes so much pride and responsibility in her work, and continues to amaze us all with her productivity. Not to mention, Grace is a sweet and caring individual, Being in the studio with her is a total joy. We would be lost without her!!